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Dear Friends far and wide,
Wherever you live, from Stockholm to San Francisco to Singapore, if you’ve enjoyed our YouTube videos then you’ll want to be a part of our new Worldwide Watch-at-Home series. As a Watch-at-Home patron, you can enjoy our ZOOM pre-concert talks as well as post-concert Virtual Lobby Zoom sessions with the musicians. Best of all, ticket prices are REDUCED for new Worldwide Subscribers and ticket-buyers during this introductory period.
We call this season A Pilgrimage of Hope because it begins in a place of doubts and unrest, passes through various moods, and ends in the spring with Celebration. Will the course of human events follow that same path? It remains to be seen. But music brings us together, across the mountains and across the oceans. Music helps us tap into our shared roots as fellow citizens of this planet.
We look forward to seeing you, wherever you live!
Best wishes from Cleveland,
Jeannette Sorrell

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  • You will receive a password to watch the exclusive concert-video at home. Click here for instructions on how to watch on your TV.
  • The video can be watched multiple times for up to 30 days.
  • Watch-at-Home patrons also receive the password to our lively ZOOM Pre-Concert Talks with visiting scholars and our Virtual Lobby post-concert Q&A sessions with featured performers.
  • PLEASE NOTE: if you choose to “cast” the video to your TV without using the Vimeo app, the sound quality may suffer. You may find that the volume is low or the sound is distorted. By using the Vimeo app, you can be sure that the sound quality will be excellent.

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Program #1:
RESILIENCE: Music for Troubled Times
Available NOW: (Watch anytime for 30 days from date of purchase)

London, 1665: A year-long plague held the city in its grip, but haunting folk ballads and laments of Dowland and Purcell wafted from the windows of empty streets. Two centuries later, outbreaks of cholera and dysentery could not prevent Americans – black and white – from singing in joyous harmony at the end of the Civil War. In this new program from Jeannette Sorrell, we conjure up these two historic pandemics through music, diaries and poems as we celebrate the resilience of the human spirit. WE SHALL OVERCOME.

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Program #2:
ALLURE: The Three Amandas
Amanda Forsythe & Amanda Powell, sopranos | Amanda Crider, mezzo-soprano
Available NOW: (Watch anytime for 30 days from date of purchase)

Long ago in the palace of Ferrara, three renowned ladies entertained princes with their astonishing musicianship. The “Tre Donne di Ferrara” (Three Ladies of Ferrara) were probably the first female professional musicians. Apollo’s Fire collaborates with three stunning Amandas in virtuoso trios written for the Ferrara ladies, alongside soulful songs by Barbara Strozzi and Francesca Caccini and lively duets from Monteverdi’s playful Scherzi Musicali. Eight instrumentalists join in the fun with dances from the palace and the countryside.

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Generously sponsored by JEFF & JAMIE BARNETT

Program #3:
CHRISTMAS on Sugarloaf Mountain
Available beginning December 18 (Watch anytime for 30 days from date of purchase)

Jeannette Sorrell, conductor/harpsichord
Amanda Powell, soprano vocals
Ross Hauck, tenor vocals

In this communal celebration of the American immigrant experience, fiddlers, medieval harp, hammered dulcimer, bagpipes, and singers join with children’s voices to evoke the Celtic roots of an Appalachian Christmas. From Christmas Eve in medieval Scotland to folk carols and shape-note hymns at a toe-tapping Christmas gathering in Virginia… we follow the journeys of the Irish and Scottish settlers who bravely crossed the Atlantic. The people of the mountains welcome Christmas with LOVE, SINGING, DANCING and PRAYER.

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Generously supported by THE DEVENY FAMILY &

Program #4:
ELEGANCE: The Harper’s Voice
Available beginning March 1 (Watch anytime for 30 days from date of purchase)

Virtuoso Harpists of the British Isles
Parker Ramsay, baroque harps & direction
with Amanda Powell, soprano
The harp was the voice of the marginalized peoples of the British Isles – Irish, Welsh, and Scots. Ireland’s legendary blind harper, Turlough O’Carolan, was one of several great harpers of the 17th and 18th centuries. Today’s young virtuoso harpist, Parker Ramsay, weaves their stories and their music into an evening of intimate artistry. Six Apollo’s Fire musicians on violins, flute, cello, hammered dulcimer, and plucked instruments join in the sparkling music of O’Carolan, Purcell, William Lawes, and Handel.

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Program #5:
TRIUMPH: Handel’s Israel in Egypt
Available beginning March 29 (Watch anytime for 30 days from date of purchase)

A Dramatic Oratorio
Adaptation by Jeannette Sorrell

We welcome Passover and Easter with the return of Handel’s Israel in Egypt in Jeannette Sorrell’s acclaimed adaption. In addition to being a colorful showpiece for the virtuoso players and chorus of Apollo’s Fire, the work is a gripping emotional journey – from the haunting Lamentations of the Israelites on the Death of Joseph, to the plagues of frogs, locusts, hailstones, and more… to the triumph of the crossing of the Red Sea.
“The musicians navigated Handel’s various musical depictions with exhilarating abandon, which Sorrell harnessed wonderfully.”
Note: If social distancing is still in place in March, this program will be replaced by a smaller program featuring Old Testament and/or Jewish music.
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Generously supported by KAREN & RICHARD SPECTOR

Program #6:
CELEBRATION: Vivaldi’s Four Seasons – rediscovered
Available beginning April 26 (Watch anytime for 30 days from date of purchase)

Our season-long pilgrimage to wellness ends with an exuberant celebration of Nature. If you thought you knew Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, be prepared for surprises. Apollo’s Fire and Jeannette Sorrell bring these beloved concertos to life as the revolutionary acts of musical storytelling they were meant to be – a vivid and joyful depiction of traditional life in the Italian countryside. The program also features dueling cellists in Vivaldi’s stormy Concerto for Two Cellos.

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