The 2022-2023 Season
Sparks of Joy in a Fragmented World

The GRAMMY®-winning baroque orchestra in residence in Ohio and Chicago

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April 4
Exile & Resilience

April 7 & 8
Vivaldi’s Four Seasons rediscovered

NOW AVAILABLE! The complete concert-video of the splendid
30th Anniversary Concert from Severance Hall.

NEW CD Release

O Jerusalem City of Three Faiths
Jeannette Sorrell | Apollo’s Fire

“Brims with energy and imagination… Sorrell directs the celebrated ensemble Apollo’s Fire. Programmed with real vision and beautifully performed… a mesmerizing portrait of Old Jerusalem.”
–BBC Magazine (UK) [READ MORE]

“Sumptuous and exuberant… the playing is gutsy and colourful. Who’d have though this would be such a hit?”
–The Scotsman, Edinburgh, UK (5-star review) [READ MORE]

“Fascinating… magnificently performed… sophisticated arrangements at a high level. This CD is a real treasure.
–Pizzicato Magazine, LUXEMBOURG [READ MORE]

New documentary film by two-time Academy Award® winning director Allan Miller features Apollo’s Fire

PLAYING WITH FIRE: Jeannette Sorrell and the Mysteries of Conducting

WINNER: Best US Documentary, Chagrin Documentary Film Fest (October 2020)

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“Apollo’s Fire, the lauded group from Cleveland,
brings joyous spontaneity to its performances.”


News & Features

The Philadelphia Orchestra performed its freshest Messiah in years… The catalyst was guest conductor Jeannette Sorrell, well known in early-music circles mainly through the Cleveland-based but ever-mobile Apollo’s Fire, which is a significant presence in Chicago, New York and elsewhere. The conductor’s commitment to the score yielded… significant revelations.”THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER, Dec. 2022 (David Patrick Stearns)

BBC Magazine chooses Apollo’s Fire’s CD recording of the Monteverdi Vespers for their “30 Must-Have Recordings of Our Lifetime” (Sept. 2022)
“Stunningly different from the norm.  Sorrell knows that ‘authentic performances’ do not guarantee ‘authentic experiences…’  The real understanding of style is everywhere. We feel the ricochet from the very stones of Monteverdi’s church.”  READ MORE

Jeannette and Apollo’s Singers made a triumphant debut with the New York Philharmonic

“A splendid performance… It’s difficult for a Messiah performance to stand out, but this one did. Jeannette Sorrell guided a lithe, glowing and elegant performance.. Wonderful vitality… Spirited choruses, sung with rich, robust sound and crisp diction by Apollo’s Singers.” NEW YORK TIMES, Dec. 2021

“A distinguished performance by the New York Philharmonic under Jeannette Sorrell…. The founder of Cleveland’s estimable Apollo’s Fire, Sorrell led a confident, fluid, and (by design) theatrical performance. But the performance’s real trump card was the presence of Apollo’s Singers… fresh tone, spot-on intonation, and excellent ensemble.” CLASSICAL VOICE NORTH AMERICA (Journal of the Music Critics Association of North America), Dec. 2021

Apollo’s Fire wins Grammy® Award, shared with Karim Sulayman and Jeannette Sorrell.
Read the article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer or watch the video from the Grammy® awards

THE IRISH TIMES chooses AF’s Dublin concert as the Pick of the Week — “This week’s best traditional music gigs…”

Sold-out at Tanglewood for the 2nd time!
Read the reviews.

THE NEW YORKER picks Apollo’s Fire as one of the “highlights” of Tanglewood’s first 2 weeks.

OBERLIN MAGAZINE features Jeannette Sorrell and her “Lasting Affekt” on the early music scene.

Jeannette Sorrell wins Cleveland Arts Prize (Mid-Career Award)
Read the Plain Dealer article here.

What the critics are saying…

“Apollo’s Fire under the direction of Sorrell has put Cleveland firmly on the period-performance map.”

“Superlative music-making…. combining European stylishness and American can-do entrepreneurialism.”
–THE DAILY TELEGRAPH, LONDON (“Best 5 Classical Concerts of the Year”)

“Never again even think that ‘classical music’ is boring. Never if it’s done as well as Apollo’s Fire does it.”

“The Apollo’s Fire sound… early-music straight-tone point-polished to a ravishing, satiny gloss.”

A few of AF’s Billboard Hits!

“The U.S.A.’s hottest baroque band.” –CLASSICAL MUSIC MAGAZINE (UK)

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