ArtsPlace: The Cleveland Community Arts Center

Arts, Kids, and Lots of Love

Plato and the Ancient Greeks knew that teaching music and art to their children was crucial. They knew that training in the arts increases intelligence, fosters self-discipline, and helps to cultivate thoughtful citizens.

Today, as economic pressures on our schools have increased, it is heartbreaking to see our children deprived of the mind-opening gifts of an arts education. Millions of youth are facing harder lives as income inequality grows in this country. By failing to instill our cultural and artistic heritage in the next generation, we threaten the very fabric of our society.

So I would like to share with you my dream. We can each only change one corner of the world. I would like to change Cleveland – by creating a community arts center. What is that? A multi-generational gathering place for kids from all walks of life – bursting with after-school youth choirs, drama classes, art studios, piano lessons.…

I hope that the philanthropists of this great city will consider joining me in this adventure. Let’s live by those beautiful words of Ghandi: let’s be the change we want to see.

– Excerpt from Jeannette Sorrell’s acceptance speech at the Cleveland Arts Prize Award Ceremony, 2017

And now in 2021, we present the vision of ArtsPlace…


ArtsPlace is envisioned as a non-profit community arts center where adults and children participate in music, dance, theatre, and visual art. The facility will be a home for diverse arts organizations – those serving youth from lower-income families as well as professional and amateur performing ensembles – all mingled in an atmosphere that celebrates Cleveland’s diversity and shared humanity.

A gathering place with…

  • Rehearsal spaces for youth orchestra and youth choir;
  • Teaching studios where children can have music lessons and art classes;
  • Practice rooms for kids;
  • A first-rate concert hall with flexible seating, where small and medium professional music ensembles can perform;
  • A Bistro/café where concertgoers can enjoy a drink or a light meal.

… all under one roof.

As a nurturing space for youth who are under-served, ArtsPlace will also provide healthy meals, arts-inspired counseling, arts training and activities, and free music lessons for children and youth from lower-income families (contingent on sufficient funding).

Where You Come In:

  • Are you an arts organization interested in using ArtsPlace for concerts, rehearsals, classes, or programming?
  • Are you a nonprofit interested in moving your offices to ArtsPlace (now or later)?
  • Are you a community leader, foundation or philanthropist interested in helping to make ArtsPlace happen?

Please contact:

Thank you for sharing the dream!

“The U.S.A.’s hottest baroque band.” –CLASSICAL MUSIC MAGAZINE (UK)