Vivaldi’s Four Seasons rediscovered

with Vivaldi’s Concerto for Two Cellos

Apollo’s Fire and Jeannette Sorrell present Vivaldi’s beloved concertos as the revolutionary acts of musical storytelling they were meant to be – bringing Vivaldi’s pictorial descriptions to life. If you thought you knew the Four Seasons, be prepared for surprises! From the bird calls and storms to a barking dog, flies and wasps, drunken peasants, an exhilarating fox hunt with “gunshots,” and more… the story that Vivaldi intended with these pieces is made clear as each concerto is preceded by a quick and polished “tour” of the sound effects to come. The virtuoso musicians of Apollo’s Fire take turns stepping into the spotlight as a different soloist leads each concerto.

The program also features duelling cellists René Schiffer and Mimé Brinkmann in Vivaldi’s stormy Concerto for Two Cellos. Hear why Jeannette Sorrell calls Vivaldi the “rock n’ roll composer of the 18th century!” The program can also include Jeannette Sorrell’s acclaimed arrangement of Vivaldi’s La Folia (“Madness”) which the orchestra has performed from memory at the BBC Proms, Tanglewood, the Boston Music Festival, and other venues around the world. Or another piece can be substituted.

Catch the program on tour this summer!

July 5, 2017 – Tanglewood Festival, (Lenox, MA)
July 7, 2017 – Gretna Music Festival, (Mt. Gretna, PA)
July 27, 2017 – Ravinia Festival (Chicago)

Also available during the 2018-19 season.


The hunting scene from “Autumn” (3rd mvt.)
Olivier Brault, violin
Hunting horns, gun-shots, and a frantically scurrying animal…!

What the Critics Say

“These excellent young musicians take a highly gestural approach to phrasing and bring across their music with an exuberant musicality, like wind through a forest. Easily one of the most enjoyable concerts of the season.” –THE BOSTON GLOBE

“Under the inspired leadership of Jeannette Sorrell, Apollo’s Fire has become one of the pre-eminent period-instrument ensembles, causing one to hear baroque material anew.” –THE INDEPENDENT, London (CD review – Vivaldi concertos)

“Artistic passion, inexhaustible energy… and keen musical observations that most performers probably couldn’t imagine.” –CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER

Superbly judged – almost brought tears to the eyes.” -DAILY TELEGRAPH, London (BBC Proms debut, 2015)

Electrified and sparkling. If this concert didn’t shake your rafters, then nothing will. -SARASOTA HERALD TRIBUNE, 2017

“Nearly every bar teemed with ideas. This was as exciting as Baroque music gets. –CHICAGO CLASSICAL REVIEW, 2016

Vivaldi/arr. Sorrell – La Folia (“Madness”)
The ‘folia’ was a traditional renaissance dance that always got faster and wilder toward the end…

Vivaldi Concerto for Two Cellos
René Schiffer & Mimé Brinkmann, cello

The drunken revelry scene from “Autumn” (1st mvt)
Olivier Brault, violin
Celebrating the harvest with a bit too much Chianti… getting tipsy and eventually falling asleep

“The U.S.A.’s hottest baroque band.” –CLASSICAL MUSIC MAGAZINE (UK)