Songs of Orpheus


Classical Solo Vocal Album

Karim Sulayman, tenor

Critic’s Choice – Opera News 2018
Debuted at #5 on Billboard Classical Chart
Debuted at #3 on iTunes Classical Chart

Karim Sulayman's debut solo album with Apollo’s Fire is a journey through love and redemption. The timeless myth of Orpheus, the great singer who stormed the gates of hell to rescue his beloved, comes to life through the songs of 17th-c. composers Monteverdi, Caccini, Landi, and d’India. Artistic Director Jeannette Sorrell and Apollo’s Fire instrumentalists interweave sonatas by Castello and Cima to evoke the changing moods of the Orpheus story.

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“Elegant and heartfelt… a pleasure in its own right. The journey is traced in vocal and instrumental works, rendered with stylishness and an easy grace.”
– SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE [read the full review]

“Sulayman [has] a lucid, velvety tenor and pop-star charisma…. Under Sorrell’s spirited direction, Apollo’s Fire provides devil-may-care virtuosity.”

“Orpheus brought to blazing life… emotional engagement and technical aplomb”

“Immediacy and heat… Sulayman and Apollo’s Fire get to the inner fire of Monteverdi’s Orfeo. Apt pacing and orchestral color under Sorrell gets to the heart of the matter – the grief-torn heart of Orpheus.”
–OPERA NEWS (Critic’s Choice, July 2018)

“Sulayman has a wonderfully resonant voice, and he contributes a sense of personal involvement with the story of Orpheus, mythology’s most famous vocalist. The instrumental sonatas relate vividly to the stage of the story under discussion.”
– ALLMUSIC.COM [read the full review]



“The U.S.A.’s hottest baroque band.” –CLASSICAL MUSIC MAGAZINE (UK)

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