Apollo’s Fire 30th Anniversary Concerts
Mozart & the Chevalier
May 6-8 (Cleveland/Akron) and May 13-14 (Chicago)

Made possible with the support of the National Endowment for the Arts and the Paul M Angell Family Foundation.


Cleveland Plain Dealer
“Apollo’s Fire brings down the house… Some classical performances have people walking away saying, gee, that was nice. But not too many have the audience giving two standing ovations first, then moving out with a clear bounce in their step and taking the opportunity to speak to everyone possible about what a spectacular performance they just witnessed.

That’s what the audience experienced Sunday. And that is the allure and the effect on audiences wherever Apollo’s Fire performs. They are incredibly energetic with their music and they leave a long-lasting impression. To miss them when they are in the Cleveland area is a day wasted. How special that we can claim them here in Northeast Ohio as they bring a new understanding, as well as a special kind of excitement, to baroque music.”

“Sunday’s concert… was an amazing event. A rhythmically splendid performance full of excitement and power… The featured soloists, who can knock the socks off an audience with their dazzling playing alone, reached deep into their reservoirs of charm to make personal connections with their listeners. ”

Seen & Heard International (UK)
“An outstanding performance… bringing the audience to their feet. Sheer delight, capturing the special alchemy that launched Apollo’s Fire onto the world stage. Their thirtieth anniversary, certainly a milestone for a group which appeared out of nowhere and blazed a path to the top…. In characteristic form, music director Jeannette Sorrell opted to match the familiar with new adventures. One can only hope the ensemble’s next thirty years will prove just as enlightening.”

Chicago Classical Review
“Apollo’s Fire brought the vivacity that audiences have come to expect from them. Dramatic tension… Sorrell allowed her personality to come out in full, moving around the podium like a sorceress incanting the music into being… That’s the beauty of a group like Apollo’s Fire: they’re not afraid to challenge expectations.”


Apollo’s Fire looks forward and back as it celebrates its 30th anniversary
The Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Long before “Passion. Period.” was their slogan, the founders of Apollo’s Fire were its living embodiment. Even before they realized what they’d created or had any sense what they’d created or had any sense that it might still be running strong 30 years later, the original members of Cleveland’s baroque orchestra were laying the foundation for a group that evinces uncommon joy in the music of the 17th and 18th centuries.”

Thirty years with Apollo’s Fire: looking back — and forward — with Jeannette Sorrell

“The venues symbolize the stature the period instrumental ensemble has attained, as well as its determination to bring performances out into the community… an organization that started in a sheep barn but now enjoys access to some of the world’s premiere performance spaces and summer festivals…’

“The U.S.A.’s hottest baroque band.” –CLASSICAL MUSIC MAGAZINE (UK)

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