TELEMANN Don Quixote


“Hugely entertaining and characterful… a brilliant portrayal of episodes from Don Quixote. Brilliantly executed with flair and panache.”
–FANFARE Record Magazine

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“A hugely entertaining and characterful disc… with a brilliant portrayal of episodes from Don Quixote. The playing under Jeannette Sorrell is unfailingly bright-eyed, alert, and quite brilliantly executed with flair and panache; it has also been superbly reproduced.”
–FANFARE Record Magazine

“Enormous rhythmic zest and… poetic and elegant material.”

“From the very opening, I was enthralled – there is a sort of communal ease about the band, a sense of humour and genuine enjoyment.”

Concerto polonois in G, TWV43:G7
1. Dolce – Allegro
2. Largo (Polonaise)
3. Allegro

Concerto in E minor for flute and recorder, TWV52:E1
4. Largo
5. Allegro

6. Largo
7. Presto

Michael Lynn, recorder
Kathie Stewart, flute

Grillen-symphonie (Whimsical Symphony), TWV50:1
8. Etwas Lebhaft (Rather lively)

9. Tändelnd (Flirtatious, trifling)

10. Presto

Henry Peyrebrune and Tracy Rowell, contrabass

Ouverture burlesque, TWV55:B8
11. Ouverture
12. Scaramouches
13. Harlequinade
14. Colombine
15. Pierrot
16. Menuets I & II
17. Mezzetin en Turc

Burlesque de Don Quixote
(Don Quixote Suite), TWV55

18. Ouverture
19. Don Quixote awakens
20. His attack on the windmills
21. Sighs of love for Princess Dulcinea
22. Sancho Panza tossed in a blanket
23. The galloping of Rosinante, and that of Sancho’s mule
24. Quixote asleep

“The U.S.A.’s hottest baroque band.” –CLASSICAL MUSIC MAGAZINE (UK)