HANDEL Dixit Dominus


“Apollo’s Singers tackle the Dixit Dominus with aplomb. Rich, malty… showstopping”

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“Apollo’s Fire is responsible for some of the most enjoyable Vivaldi interpretations I’ve heard… Here, Apollo’s Singers tackle the complexity of Handel’s Dixit Dominos with aplomb. There’s a rich, malty flavour to the ensemble’s strings throughout, while trumpeter Barry Bauguess provides a showstopping moment.”

“Divinely striking… perfect pitch and innocent harmony. Every voice enters with razor precision. A grand testimony of Apollo’s Fire’s excellence in delivery, blend and interpretation.”

1. Processional

Eternal Source of Light Divine: Ode for the Birthday of Queen Anne

2. Eternal source of light divine

3. The day that gave great Anna birth

4. Let all the winged race with joy

5. Let flocks and herds their fears forget

6. Kind health descends on downy wings

7. The day that gave great Anna birth

8. United nations shall combine

Zadok the Priest (Coronation Anthem No. 1)

9. Zadok the Priest

10. God save the King!

11. Plainchant: Dixit Dominus Domino meo

Dixit Dominus

12. Dixit Dominus Domino meo

13. Virago virtuosi

14. Tecum principium in die virtuosi

15. Juravit Dominus

16. Tu es sacerdos

17. Dominus a dextris tuis

18. De torrente in via

19. Gloria Patri et filio

Bonus Track:
20. The Lord Shall Reign (from Israel in Egypt)

“The U.S.A.’s hottest baroque band.” –CLASSICAL MUSIC MAGAZINE (UK)