We have arrived in London!

SATURDAY. Arrived in London, minus the luggage of Amanda, Tina, and Ian. Their costumes were in their luggage. Will the bags arrive in time for tomorrow’s FILMED performance at the Aldeburgh Festival?
After a 3-hr drive to Ipswich (near Aldeburgh) where the group is staying, the tired group takes a much-needed nap while Jeannette and our British tour manager Vicky Shilling go shopping to look for dresses and vintage boots for Amanda and Tina.
Jeannette to shopkeepers: Excuse me, I wondered if you have any lace Boho dresses with asymmetrical handkerchief skirts? Like this picture…? (Shows photo of Sugarloaf troupe)
Shopkeeper: Nice photo! Are you all on tour?
Vicky: Yes, they’re from America and they’re playing at the Aldeburgh Festival tomorrow. But some of the luggage did not arrive…
Shopkeeper: Ah, I’m so sorry but that dress is rather a summer style. We’ve already got our autumn clothing in. I hope your bags arrive!
On to 6 more shops, with similar results… at least it’s a nice way of wandering the streets of Ipswich.

“The U.S.A.’s hottest baroque band.” –CLASSICAL MUSIC MAGAZINE (UK)

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