UCUMC Venue Survey

Apollo’s Fire is thrilled to be in discussions with UNIVERSITY CIRCLE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH about partnering to renovate the sanctuary and turn it into a first-class concert hall.  Known affectionately as the “Holy Oil Can,” this iconic 1928 church is one of Cleveland’s most treasured historic landmarks.

If renovations go forward, the church would become AF’s principal home on the east side of Cleveland. Apollo’s Fire and the church also share a vision for the building to become a community arts center serving youth from diverse backgrounds – ARTSPLACE in the Circle.

The renovations would involve improvements to acoustics, lighting, and restrooms; adding a Bistro/Café; and replacing some of the church pews with upholstered chairs that can be arranged in various ways (including some raised/tiered seating). The church already has a beautiful parlor for patron receptions, as well as a gorgeous stone terrace overlooking Wade Lagoon.


Please help us plan by completing the survey below.

  • Proposed renovation plans would include significant improvements to acoustics. However, what was your impression of the current acoustics?
  • Proposed renovations would include replacing some of the pews with upholstered chairs, including some raised/tiered seating towards the back. However, what was your impression of the current seating and sight lines?
  • What did you think of the visual ambiance of the sanctuary and the parlor where we held the reception?
  • Parking is available diagonally across the street at the Artisan garage ($6), with some additional free parking at the Pentecostal Church. For patrons with mobility issues, limited handicap parking is available at the UCUMC parking lot. What did you think of these parking options?
  • What did you think of this venue in its current condition?
  • Contact Information (optional)

“The U.S.A.’s hottest baroque band.” –CLASSICAL MUSIC MAGAZINE (UK)

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