Performing at Belfast Castle

Following a 2.5-hr drive from Dublin to Belfast, we had a Gala concert and dinner at the amazing Belfast Castle. The concert was filmed by a major production company for use in a future promotional program for Tourism Ireland.
It was also a live radio broadcast carried by the Associated Press of Europe, meaning that various stations across Europe were broadcasting parts of it at various times, whenever they had a gap to fill between news reports etc. (No pressure!). So in Berlin they may have heard Wayfaring Stranger, whereas in Paris they may have heard Glory in the Meeting House….
The Castle is amazing and would be so much fun to play Hide-and-Seek in! At dinner we sat with the patrons, who were donors and dignitaries of Northern Ireland, and people from the BBC. All of them were so warm and friendly, as is everyone we’ve met in Ireland.
The first photo is the charming pub across the street from our lovely hotel. The 2nd is the entrance to our hotel.
The rest are behind-the-scenes photos of Belfast Castle.

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