Employment Opportunities

Managing Director

The Managing Director (MD) develops, leads, and works within an administrative structure that supports and reflects the artistic excellence of an ensemble performing at the international level. He/she collaborates closely with the Artistic Director (AD) to support the AD’s work, and collaborates with the Board to convey the AD’s artistic vision and AF’s strategic goals to funders, donors, and the public. Through the MD’s own “hands-on” work and through his/her guidance and mentorship of AF’s staff, he/she is primarily responsible for implementing and overseeing current season activities – including subscription concerts in NE Ohio and touring in the U.S. and abroad – allowing the AD to focus on artistic leadership of the current season’s projects and forward planning of future seasons, including tours and major projects.

Application deadline: April 25 or until filled.

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Unsolicited Arts Administration resumes may be sent to info@apollosfire.org. Those interested in audition information should click the audition link to the left.