Board of Directors

Charles A. Bittenbender


Charles A. Bittenbender
Hyster-Yale Materials Handling Inc., retired Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary

James Rosenthal


James B. Rosenthal
Cohen, Rosenthal & Kramer LLP, Partner

Kathleen Cerveny

Vice President

Kathleen Cerveny
Cleveland Foundation, retired Program Director for Arts and Culture

William Powel

Vice President

William A. Powel
Episcopal Diocese of Ohio, Canon to the Ordinary

Ryan Siebel


Ryan Siebel
Marcum, LLP, Assurance Partner

Jeffrey Barnett

Assistant Treasurer

Jeffrey P. Barnett
Dorsal Capital Management, Founding Partner & CFO
and professional singer

Andrew Gordon-Seifert


Andrew Gordon-Seifert
Irwin IP, Senior Attorney

Phillip Rowland-Seymour

Chair of the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee
Member of the Executive Committee

Phillip Rowland-Seymour
Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for Medical Education

Karl Bekeny
Attorney, Tucker Ellis LLP

Judy Iwata Bundra, Ph.D., ex officio
Apollo’s Fire, Managing Director of the Chicago Series

Tom Clark, ex officio
Managing Partner, Clark Guilliam Bertsch Wealth Management

Nicole Divall, ex officio
Musicians’ Representative
Ann Fairhurst

Ann Fairhurst
Cleveland Foundation, retired Lake-Geauga Officer

Michael Frank
Retired Physician and Attorney; General Counsel ret’d from US Acute Care Solutions

Malcolm Henoch, M.D.
Beaumont Health, retired Senior VP & Chief Medical Officer
Ka-Pi Hoh

Ka-Pi Hoh, Ph.D.
The Lubrizol Corporation, Management Director & Business Leader

Robert H. Jackson
Byron, Jackson & Krantz LLP, retired Partner
Thomas Forrest Kelly

Thomas Forrest Kelly, Ph.D.
Harvard University, Morton B. Knafel Research Professor of Music
Richard Lederman

Richard J. Lederman, M.D.
Cleveland Clinic, Retired Neurologist

Meng “Locky” Liu
KPMG, LLP, Audit Senior Manager

Michael J. Meehan
Cleveland Clinic, General Counsel Cleveland Clinic Regional Hospitals
Linda Olejko

Linda M. Olejko
BNY Mellon, Senior Vice President
Kim S. Parry

Kim S. Parry
Cleveland Museum of Art, Associate Director of Principal Gifts

Elizabeth Patterson, ex officio
Hathaway Brown, Middle School Math Department Chairman

Katrina Pipasts, ex officio
President, Apollo’s Fire Chicago
Northern Trust, National Director of Planned Giving Services

David J. Reimer
Berkshire Hathaway Home Services

Elisa Ross, M.D.
Retired physician, Cleveland Clinic and Chicago Public Schools
Noha Ryder, ex officio
Apollo’s Fire, Director of Strategic Initiatives
Daniel Shoskes, M.D.
Daniel Shoskes, M.D.
Exact Sciences, Field Medical Director, Urologic Oncology Medical Affairs
Jeannette Sorrell, ex officio
Apollo’s Fire, Artistic Director
Kathie Stewart, ex officio
Musicians’ Representative
Rebecca Storey
Progressive Insurance, Marketing Process Analyst
Dean Valore
Dean M. Valore
Valore & Gordillo, LLP, Partner

Herb Wainer
Horizons Inc., Owner & Chairman

Ed Weber, D.O.
The Imaging Center, retired Diagnostic Radiologist

Community Advisors

Members of the community who serve on permanent Board committees in an advisory capacity

Rodrigo Lara Alonso
Music Educator, Latin American & Caribbean community liaison
Musical Pathway Fellowship Advisor (Cleveland Institute of Music)

McKenna Glorioso
The Rainey Institute, Grants & Annual Fund Manager
Violin teaching artist and community liaison

Dianna White-Gould
Dike School of the Arts, head of choral and keyboard studies

Lisa Whitfield
Professional Violist, Diversity Consultant in the Arts

Akron Advisory Board

Thomas Clark, Chair
Leslie Parker Barnes
Theron Brown
Esther Cooper
Susan Delahanty
Barbara Feld
Ashlee Foreman
William Foster
Walter Keith
George Litman, M.D.
Lori Nelson
Kenneth Shafer, M.D.
Sandra R. Smith
Libby Upton

The Ambassadors Council

Ann Fairhurst, Co-Chair
Elizabeth Patterson, M.D., Co-Chair
Mitchell Blair
Frances S. Buchholzer
Robert Conrad
William E. Conway
Samuel S. Hartwell
Vivian Henoch
Marguerite B. Humphrey
Rabbi Roger C. Klein
Annette Lowe
Deb Nash
Robert Reynolds, M.D.
Allison Richards
Kasia G. Rothenberg, M.D.
Sandra R. Smith
Susan Troia
Ed Weber, D.O.

Apollo’s Fire Chicago

Katrina Pipasts, President
Elisa Ross M.D., Vice President
Shay Olson, Secretary/Treasurer
Blondean Davis, Ed.D.
Maria Lans
Stephen Lans
Florence Nelson
Jonathan Ross, M.D.
James C. Sheinin, M.D.
Jeffrey Strauss
Charles A. Bittenbender
Phillip Rowland-Seymour
Judy Bundra, ex officio
Jeannette Sorrell, ex officio

Continuo Society

Apollo’s Fire recognizes and sends continued thanks to all former members of the Board of Directors, who have so generously contributed their time, talents and financial resources over the years. Just as the continuo is the foundation of baroque music, these visionary individuals, through their service on the board, have been the foundation of Apollo’s Fire.

Thomas S. Allen
Bonnie Baker
James Berlinski
William P. Blair IIIº
Christine Brez
Arthur V. N. Brooksº
Sally Brownº
Richard Buffett
Thomas Clark
Nancy Bell Coe
Ronald Crutcher
T. Clifford Deveny, M.D.
Clarence Drichta
Ross W. Duffin
James Ehrman
Suzanne Ferguson
William J. Flemm
Mark Floyd
John Gibbon
Robert C. Gilkeson, M.D.
Scott Gonia
Joyce Graham
Paula Grooms
Norm Harbertº
Russell Hardy
Samuel Harris
Jonathan Hatch
John D. Heavenrich
Conway Ivy
Denise Jackson
Delia Jarantilla
Marjorie H. Kitchell
Katherine Larson
Donald Laubacher
William H. Lennon
Fred J. Livingstone
David Love
Michael Lynn
Stephen A. Mahoney, M.D.º
Polly Morganstern
Donald W. Morrisonº
Clyde L. Nash, M.D.º
Charlotte Newman
Leroy B. Parks, Jr.
Thomas F. Peterson, Jr.
Jane Pickering

Ronald Potts, M.D.
Sanford Reichart
Robert Reynolds, M.D.
Shawn Riley
Richard Rodda
Alex Sales, D.D.S.
Sandra F. Selby
William Sheldon, M.D.
John Shelley
Carsten Sierck
Kempton Smith
Kathie Lynne Stewart
Eugenia Strauss
Susan Troia
Robert Walcott
Lee Warshawsky
Carol Wipper
Lynne Woodman
Roger Wright
Dave Young

ºin memoriam

“The U.S.A.’s hottest baroque band.” –CLASSICAL MUSIC MAGAZINE (UK)

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