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“Sorrell proves that scholarship and fun aren’t mutually exclusive.”

WARNING: Audience members might learn to sing a fugue theme, dance the Menuet, or play a ground bass at the harpsichord! AF Family Concerts spark learners of all ages with an abundance of impromptu quizzes and prizes, along with opportunities to talk with the musicians and try playing the instruments. Since 2002, AF has performed many popular Family Concerts in churches and libraries. The famous “Instrument Petting Zoo” ends each program with a delightful mob scene on stage, as kids and parents share eager questions and make cacophonic sounds!

Spring 2019 Family Concerts

BACH & His Amazing Musical Family

Bach’s house was overflowing with kids and harpsichords. He boasted that he could make “both an instrumental and a vocal ensemble” from his family. Well, we’re going to make a vocal and instrumental ensemble with you! Helpers under 12 are needed for our interactive performance of Bach’s “Sheep May Safely Graze.” Meet Lambie, who loves to conduct!

The 45-min. program ends with AF’s famous Instrument Petting Zoo – parents and kids invade the stage and try the instruments!

Saturday, April 6, 11:00AM – HUDSON Library & Historical Society

Saturday, April 6, 3:00PM – AKRON Art Museum
Sunday, April 7, 2:00 PM – CLEVELAND Museum of Art (Recital Hall)

Past Programs

Froggie Went a-Courtin’ – A Folk Music Discovery

  • The beloved Appalachian ballad about Froggie comes to life in a zany, theatrical performance – with the audience singing the refrains. The musicians talk about the folk music tradition from Appalachia, performing several other Appalachian songs and fiddle tunes. Instruments include fiddle, wooden flutes, cello and hammered dulcimer.
  • Presented in 2013-14 at the Bath Church in Bath, OH, and at the Stow-Monroe Falls Public Library in 2015 (where tickets sold out weeks in advance).

A Day at Vivaldi’s Orphanage

  • Composer Antonio Vivaldi was the music teacher at a famous orphanage for girls in Venice during the 1700’s. He wrote “The Four Seasons” for his star pupil, a girl called Anna Maria del Violino. The story of these talented orphan girls comes to life, and the female performers talk about the joys and challenges of growing up as a serious musician.
  • Presented in 2014-15 at St Paul’s Church in Cleveland Heights and First United Methodist in Akron.

An Irish Christmas

  • Irish Christmas carols from ancient times, performed with harp, lute, fiddle and flute. British guest artist Steve Player danced a jig and then delighted audiences young and old by leading them in a wild dance throughout the auditorium!
  • Presented in 2014 at the Masonic Auditorium – attended by a very ethnically diverse audience of over 200.

Baroque Clowns – Meet Harlequin & Columbine!

  • This program introduced the Renaissance tradition of Italian street theatre, known as Commedia dell’arte. Dancer/actor Steve Player (an Apollo’s Fire guest artist from the UK) delighted children with his improvisational interpretations of the characters of Harlequin, Scaramouches and Pierrot. Winners of the pop quiz learned to dance a renaissance country dance!
  • Presented in 2015-16 at the Maltz Performing Arts Center and the Hudson Library.

Ballads & Musical Tall Tales

  • A ballad is a story that is sung. Our musicians perform several ballads from Elizabethan England and the Appalachian region of the U.S., interwoven with historic folk tales in the “tall tale” and “Jack Tale” traditions. Instruments include fiddle, wooden flutes and hammered dulcimer.
  • Presented in 2013-14 at St Noel Church Willoughby Hills and Rocky River Presbyterian Church.

Apollo's Fire

Apollo's Fire

Apollo's Fire

Scenes from Mozart’s The Magic Flute, presented in a Family Concert version.

CLICK HERE for more information on Apollo’s Fire Education and Outreach Programming.

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