Glory on the Mountain


“AF triumphs with Glory on the Mountain –
an absolutely joyous achievement”
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“Wonderfully exuberant . . . simply delightful. Here we have music that offers life, and does so abundantly.”

Fanfare Record Magazine (“Come to the River”)

Long ago, the sparkling fiddle tunes and haunting ballads of the British Isles came across the water, taking root in the hills of Virginia. They mingled with shape-note hymns and African spirituals – creating the soulful music we call Appalachian. The people of the mountains raise their communal voices in celebration of daily life– love, singing, dancing and prayer.

harpsichord, direction, arrangements

Tina Bergmann, hammered dulcimer
Susanna Perry Gilmore, fiddle
Kathie Stewart, wooden flutes
Brian Kay, lute, guitar, banjo
René Schiffer, cello

Amanda Powell
soprano vocals
Tina Bergmann
hammered dulcimer
Ross Hauck
Ross Hauck
tenor vocals
Susanna Gilmore
Kathie Stewart
wooden flutes
Jeannette Sorrell
harpsichord & direction

Watch Videos

from “Come to the River”

Amanda Powell sings “Down in the River to Pray”
Live from Los Angeles – on tour with Apollo’s Fire
Tina Bergmann & Kathie Stewart
in “Glory in the Meeting House”

Hear the Music

Twa Sisters (The Two Sisters)
(Elizabethan/Appalachian ballad)
Performed by Miriam Andersén
and The Early Folk Band
Over the Isles to America
Performed by Apollo's Fire (Scarborough Fayre CD)
Go March Along (Southern spiritual)
Performed by Amanda Powell - with Ross Hauck
Wayfaring Stranger (Appalachian folk hymn)
Performed by Amanda Powell & Ross Hauck
with Apollo's Fire
Sweet Appalachia
(bluegrass song by Alan Johnston,
used with permission)
Performed by the Del McCoury Band
Amanda Powell & Ross Hauck
sing “Wayfaring Stranger”
Live from Los Angeles – on tour with Apollo’s Fire
Amanda Powell & Tina Bergmann
sing “Cluck Old Hen”

Venue Guide
Thursday, June 12, 7:30pm – Baroque Music Barn, Hunting Valley
Friday, June 13, 8:00pm – Baroque Music Barn, Hunting Valley
JUST ADDED: Saturday, June 14, 3:00pmº – Baroque Music Barn, Hunting Valley
Saturday, June 14, 8:00pm – Baroque Music Barn, Hunting Valley
Sunday, June 15, 2:00pm – Huntington Playhouse, Bay Village
Sunday, June 15, 7:30pm – Baroque Music Barn, Hunting Valley
Friday, June 20, 8:00pm – †*ΩThe Bath Church, UCC, Bath, OH
FAMILY CONCERT: Saturday, June 21, 4:00pm – The Bath Church, UCC, Bath, OH
Saturday, June 21, 8:00pm – †The Bath Church, UCC, Bath, OH
Sunday, June 22, 3:00pm – Geauga Lyric Theatre, Chardon
† Full-time Student with ID, FREE in Summit County, underwritten by a generous grant from the GAR Foundation.
* YOUNG ADULT DISCOUNTS (under 30) - Level A - $20 / Level B - $15
Ω Indicates a WKSU Membership Benefit Program performance. 50% off full price tickets in Level B ONLY. Offer based on availability. Limited discounted quantities available. Must present a current WKSU membership benefits card to receive the discount.
ºSlightly shortened - 1 hr. 45 minutes.