Mozart’s The Magic Flute

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1. Overture

2. “Oh help me!” [Dragon scene] (Tamino, Three Ladies)

3. “Oh, catching birds, that is my trade” (Papageno)

4. Dialogue: “Tell me, jolly friend” (Tamino, Papageno, Three Ladies)

5. “Oh, have no fear!” (Queen of the Night)

6. Dialogue: “Can it be reality?” (Tamino)

7. “Hm, hm hm, hm” (Papageno, Tamino, Three Ladies)

8. “My little dove, you’re mine!” (Monostatos, Pamina, Papageno)

9. Dialogue: “Who are you?” (Pamina, Papageno)

10. “The man who feels love’s sweet emotion” (Pamina, Papageno)

11. “Thus far we’ve led you toward your goal” (Three Boys, Tamino)

12. Recitativo: “These words of wisdom” (Tamino, Speaker-Priest)

13. “How strong and sweet thy magic tone” (Tamino)

14. “Walk on tiptoe” (Pamina, Papageno, Monostatos, Slaves)

15. “All hail to Sarastro” (Chorus)

16. “My proud, young prince” (Monostatos, Pamina, Tamino, Sarastro)

17. “When virtue and righteousness” (Chorus)



18. Dialogue: “Stand back!” (Queen, Monostatos, Pamina)

19. “You will avenge me” (Queen of the Night)

20. Dialogue: “Prince, farewell!” (Two Priests, Papageno, Pamina)

21. “Ah, I feel my life is over” (Pamina)

22. Dialogue: “Papageno! I warned you” (The Hag, Papageno, Speaker-Priest)

23. “Bright dawn is heralding the morning” (Three Boys, Pamina)

24. “Magic bells are ringing” (Papageno, Three Boys)

25. “Pa-pa-pa-gena!” (Papageno, Papagena)

26. “The brave are victorious” (Chorus)

“The U.S.A.’s hottest baroque band.” –CLASSICAL MUSIC MAGAZINE (UK)

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